So I watched Ragnarok because I was on a plane and I wanted an easy movie to watch that didn’t require massive amounts of attention. Glad I picked this because it really didn’t require any attention. I actually haven’t seen the second Thor movie, so I was missing some information but overall I was able to keep up (most of these Marvel movies don’t really require much context to watch).

Honestly it was a pretty whatever movie. There were some funny moments, but it was just the standard Marvel humor, i.e. Banner throwing himself from the plane, falling and breaking every bone in his body in front of the evil wolf (not the most heroic entrance) just to turn into the Hulk. Other than the occasionally successful humor and witty dialogue, the movie was long and the battle scenes not that amazing (felt more CGI than the usual). A lot of it felt pretty cliche — and I’m being harsh because I actually thoroughly enjoyed Civil War and Doctor Strange (which were the last two MCU movies I’d seen). So, I feel like Ragnarok was probably one of the weaker Marvel movies.

There were also quite a few things that didn’t make sense. I feel like there was a massive character change from the first Thor Heimdall, the all-seeing gatekeeper, and the Ragnarok Thor Heimdall, a forest-dwelling, rogue, Robin Hood-esque character. Also, why was Hela 10x stronger than her siblings — don’t they come from the same lineage? Don’t get me wrong: some of the most enjoyable scenes for me were those of Cate Blanchett kicking ass without any assistance, but she was too OP of a villain. Also, her makeup/costume design was….a bit over the top in my opinion, even by Asgard standards.

I’d give it a 6/10.