All the hype — so much hype surrounding this movie and book. I had tried reading the book, but couldn’t get past the the first chapter because I didn’t really like the writing style. But, I decided to watch the movie and see if all of that hype was well-earned.

What I didn’t like:

+ The acting was so-so

+ The storyline was not particularly compelling

+ Movie was a little too long for what it was worth.

What I did like:

+ I actually liked the visual effects from within the Oasis. As someone who likes video games, I totally would want to feel that level of immersion and fantastical creation. It almost made me buy into a world like that, where you can make whatever you want to exist. I should probably try doing that in real life instead……

I’d give it a 6.5 or 7 out of 10. The visuals when inside the Oasis was really amazing. It made VR truly feel like a world with limitless possibilities, where the surreal can become the real. For that I give Steven Spielberg and his crew immense props. But, the storyline wasn’t so great. Felt preachy and too cheesy; when the line between reality and virtual reality started becoming blurred in the film (i.e. the second half of the movie) it just felt too unbelievable. A movie like this succeeds if a viewer is able to successfully suspend their disbelief throughout the movie — I was able to do that for the first half, but not the second half.