I finally, finally, FINALLY, watched the original Ghostbusters. It was a long time coming and I wasn’t disappointed.

What I didn’t like:

+ There’s really only one thing I explicitly didn’t like. I love Sigourney Weaver — I think she’s great and I was super excited to see that she was in the movie. HOWEVER, it bothered me a bit that her function post-ghostly possession was entirely sexual in nature. I know it was intended to add to the humor of the situation but there were only two prominent female characters in the movie (Weaver’s character and the secretary) both of whom felt very much like foils and love/sexual interests for the male characters.

What I liked:

+ Overall awesome cast. Bill Murray was fantastic. Sigourney Weaver solid work as per usual.

+ Very well-written screenplay. Dialogue was witty and funny, which is my favorite combination.

+ Awesome music.

+ That final giant marshmallow ghost was *excellent*.

Overall 8/10. It was funny and enjoyable to watch. Lots of memorable scenes and melodies. Now to watch the new Ghostbusters….