I haven’t really been watching movies lately, but as a result I’ve been lazy to publish the reviews I had drafted and just never pressed the publish button on. Here’s the first one:

The Last Jedi, old news by now (my bad), but I went to go see it in the theaters with my cousin when it first came out. There had been a lot of hype from the pre-screenings but my cousin and I left the film feeling even more ambivalent than we had after either Rogue One or The Force Awakens.

What I liked:

+ Witty and humorous dialogue/script. I definitely laughed-out-loud a couple of times.

+ Couple of really great and cinematically well-done action scenes, including but not limited to: Rei & Kylo vs. Snoke & his men; Vice Admiral Holdo (a suddenly very important out-of-the-blue character) driving the ship straight into the star destroyer; Luke telepathically fighting Kylo Ren.

+ Female leads who aren’t only in one scene.

+ More of the ever-expansive Star Wars universe.

What I didn’t like:

+ More new abilities granted by the force that no one knew about, including but not limited to: having two Jedi experience co-presence to such an extent that they could *touch hands*; Leia who hadn’t exhibited much force-fed abilities managing to levitate herself back into the ship after being ejected into space; Luke’s telepathic battle (which then resulted in him being effectively [life]force-sapped)

+ I was very disappointed with where the writers went with Kylo’s character. There was *SO* much really good character development right up until he went 100% little sh*t mode after killing Commander Snoke — yes Kylo, keep firing all the weapons you have at Luke Skywalker.

+ I feel like The Last Jedi time and time again came really close to some fascinating addition/development either for the characters or just the general Star Wars story. But, every time it felt like the addition/development just fell short and didn’t end up contributing much to the existing storyline or took a very unrealistic/unbelievable turn (even for a science fiction plot).

Not really sure where I stand on this. There were a lot of really good overall movie elements, but the Star Wars specific elements fell…short too much of the time. But of course, I’m a sucker for the franchise and will pour more money into it to find out more of what happens next. But for now, The Last Jedi is getting a 7/10 from me.