I’d never actually seen The Lego Movie before, but it was super enjoyable! TL;DR of the plot is that Lord Business is trying to take over the world and Emmet, an extraordinarily ordinary construction worker, is the only one who can stop him. Set this conflict up, introduce a bunch of ridiculous lego characters (Lego Batman, I’m looking at you) and the hilarity ensues.

I didn’t know Chris Pratt was in this movie, but the moment Emmet started talking I thought, “omg it’s Andy from Parks and Rec!”. Taken flashed before my eyes when Bad Cop/Good Cop was introduce (voiced my Liam Neeson). And of course, we can’t neglect the awesome voice of Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius (throwback to Bruce Almighty godliness).


Overall, 8/10 experience. Fun movie, with laugh-out-loud scenes and memorable characters.