Hype hype hype. This movie had so much hype, I felt compelled to go see it in the theaters when I normally would have skipped it.

Probably shoulda just skipped it and waited to watch it once released on Netflix streaming.

What I didn’t like (spoilers ahead)

+ The movie was a little too long for what it had to offer. It also took itself a bit too seriously. I’m a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for the most part) because usually those movies aren’t trying to be too serious (except Captain America because he can’t be anything but serious), especially Guardians of the Galaxy. Wonder Woman was too philosophical sometimes, which made some of the potentially really cool action scenes feel over the top.

+ The CGI battle scenes were a little too much sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the fight scene in Veld, especially when Diana, quite not as epically, mimics Antiope’s shield launch [see first bullet in the section] into the bell tower for the solo sniper. Nevertheless, the CGI fight scenes were just too dramatic at times, in particular the final battle scene with Ares, even by Greek God standards.

+ I’m interested to see more of Gal Gadot in future movies, but as of now I feel lukewarm about her acting abilities. Superhero movies tend to be dramatic, but her acting was especially unbelievable and dramatic. :/ Except, when she was being sassy af! That was 100% fantastic.

+ Sir Patrick Morgan being Ares was really predictable, from the first moment Remus Lupin David Thewlis appeared on screen.

+ The Amazonian accents…….everyone had a different accent……. Much respect for Robin Wright, but she might as well have been a slavic assassin instead of a Greek amazonian from the way she was talking.

What I liked (spoilers ahead)

+ As much as I was entertained by the Amazonians fighting modern weapons (guns) with weapons from Ancient Greece (bows & arrows), I couldn’t help appreciate Mrs. Underwood Robin Wright’s character being a badass and launching herself off of a shield.

+ I really liked the comical aspect of Diana’s ignorance about the “outside world” and gender roles in society during the 1910s. Her response to ice cream was on point. The writer’s definitely capitalized on that successfully.

+ I think it’s awesome that there is an entire movie about a woman superhero who is crazy strong and has a very strong sense of right and wrong. I heard a bunch of little girls coming out of the theater super excited –“that was so cool!” or “that was a great movie!”. I think there’s a lot of merit in having a badass woman to look up to, especially because Wonder Woman/Diana Prince was able to hold her ground literally in a man’s world (i.e. in the war meetings, etc.).

Overall, the movie was just meh. It started out with a lot of promise and was really enjoyable up until the half way point and then it kind of tapered off and had a very unsatisfying ending.

However, I think it’s great that a movie about Wonder Woman has been made and that so many people (especially young girls) have had the opportunity to watch it. Fingers crossed that future DC comics movies improve in quality, so that they can live up to the content they are working with.