Old movie, but a good one. Amelie is a whimsical romantic comedy. The film depicts a cliche Parisian setting, in which Amelie secretly works to improve the lives of those around her, while at the same time grappling with her own isolation. Amelie is a feel-good movie, with lots of laugh-out-loud moments.

My thoughts:

+ The cinematography is pretty great. There’s a lot of character behind the way scenes are framed, how the camera is angled (i.e. the first time Amelie sees Nino). The film composition and art design, particularly the characteristic bright colors and costumes, added a lot of character.

+ The soundtrack is amazing.

+ Even though suspension of disbelief is prevalent throughout the movie viewing experience, the themes in the movie are relevant. Amelie views herself as an outsider, a sort of bystander to life. However, with this mentality she risks missing out on love and living a full life. Some of the other characters grapple with loneliness, with unrequited love, and others with the inability to venture into the unknown. Even though Amelie’s “solutions” to these struggles is unconventional, these feelings are conventional feelings, especially for people are just sideline, normal people. That caricatured ordinariness is what makes Amelie memorable and enjoyable.

Overall score, 8/10. Definitely would recommend.