I watched Moana since it is now on Netflix. 😀 Definitely a fun watch.

My thoughts

+ Pretty standard feel-good Disney movie. The animation was gorgeous; the colors were so lush.


+ Moana was pretty badass and the only multi-dimensional character in the movie. I think part of the reason why this felt pretty standard is that the characters didn’t feel as full as other Disney movies. To be fair, a lot of the recent Disney movies don’t really have full characters, but Moana’s character had depth. On the other hand, Maui’s character was really flat and mainly served as a foil for Moana.

+ The soundtrack was pretty good, but not as memorable as the Renaissance-era Disney soundtracks. I definitely loved How Far I’ll Go, and You’re Welcome was pretty catchy.

+ Maui’s animated tattoos, especially mini-Maui, were pretty fantastic. Mini-Maui was significantly better than the real-deal Maui.

+ Lol @ Heihei


Overall, I’d give the movie 8/10. It was a good movie, with good animation, some funny moments, a strong female lead, and a couple of good musical numbers. I’d say that it’s better than Frozen, probably marginally better than Tangled, and maybe on par with Big Hero 6 and Zootopia. Still, would recommend if you like Disney and/or animated movies.