Now that I’ve watched Revenge of the Sith, The Phantom Menace is my final unwatched Star Wars movie. This movie was better than its predecessor (Episode II Attack of the Clones), but still not as good as the sequels (IV-VI).

What I didn’t like

+ So much CGI, nuuuu. Even the obviously fake CGI in the sequels is more palatable than this.

+ Hayden Christensen, sigh. He was a tad better in this movie than Attack of the Clones, but his acting was comical and infuriating. I think the reason why it is particularly infuriating is that Anakin Skywalker is probably one of the most complex characters in the Star Wars universe. Guided by (initial) good intentions and blinded by arrogance, he falls victim to his own hubris and misplaced trust in the Darth Sidious (who, btw, is a pretty interesting character himself despite having just an ok portrayal by the actor in the film) ends up falling to the Dark Side. The end of Attack of the Clones, but predominantly in this movie, we are supposed to see this internal conflict, this tug of moral right and wrong but instead everything just comes off as teenage angst. I’m guessing this hereditary angst passed down to Kylo Ren. -_-

What I liked

+ The soundtrack is just tooooo good. John Williams is an orchestral wizard and the music of Star Wars has a legacy of its own. Its impossible to watch these movies without getting shivers listening to the music, nor is it possible to hear Williams’ scores and not think of the universe.

+ Yoda is a boss. As is R2D2. Best droid ever, well maybe BB8 is a close contender….tbd.

+ I actually like Obi-wan’s random side quests. Both from this movie and the previous. The actor isn’t compelling, but the fight scenes are pretty cool, especially the one against General Grievous — that hacking cough really threw me at first because he’s totally…..robot-looking despite being bionic? Was it just me or did Obi-wan’s ride look like a monster straight out of Final Fantasy?


+ The ever expanding Star Wars universe excites my inner geek. I hear they visit even more planets and the like in Clone Wars, so I’ll probably watch that at some point. My favorite planet from Revenge of the Sith was the Wookie’s home planet.

Overall it was an ok movie, but as a Star Wars fan I’m glad I finally watched it. It was a fun watch and I definitely enjoyed it more than Attack of the Clones.