I finally watched The Secret Life of Pets, after it had been staring at me for a few weeks on Netflix.

What I liked

Voice cast was really great! Each character had some notable quirk, albeit they were also somewhat caricature-ized (i.e. the fat lazy cat, the hawk who wants to friends but is a predator — think “fish are friends not food”).

The movie doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s supposed to be a fun, feel-good family movie and it achieves that. The dialogue was also surprisingly funnier than I expected.

What I didn’t like/was neutral about

There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like. I was neutral about the story because it wasn’t anything particularly novel and was cliche, but as a family movie there isn’t much expectation for a story that’ll blow me out of the water.

I would recommend this if you like animated movies. It’s a fun one-time watch.