Netflix recommendations strike again. I watched The Crucible this past weekend. I never read the play, but I had read Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller in high school and it was one of my favorite plays, so I was curious. Plus, Daniel Day-Lewis.

What I liked:

+ Sometimes the cinematography was really cool, especially during the “spiritual attack” scenes. The camera quickly panned, zoomed out or zoomed in, angled shots, or fish-eye effects.

+ A couple of the actors were really believable. The actress (Joan Allen), who played Elizabeth Proctor, was superb and the actor (Paul Scofield), who played Judge Thomas Danforth, was very believable.

+ The dialogue was extremely well-written, with all due credit to Arthur Miller.

What I didn’t like:

+ Winona Ryder did a poor job. Her character was too “modern” to fit into the Salem 1690s backdrop.

+ The opening scene was kind of awkward, chopped, and super hurried.

+ The screeching teenage women really got to me after a while.

Overall, it was a meh movie. I wouldn’t really recommend it. Even though I was moved to tears during John Proctor’s final monologue about his name, I don’t think the movie did sufficient justice to the play and wasn’t particularly compelling. At least Daniel Day-Lewis?