I needed to chop some greens to make a salad and anticipating that I’d be chopping for a while (cleanup included) I decided to watch a movie on Netflix. I narrowed down my list to four and was then told by a friend to pick the one that had the highest rotten tomatoes rating, and that happened to be Nightcrawler, a movie that is in fact not about an X-man. (btw, Nightcrawler beat Amores Perros by 3%, so I guess that’s next on my list.)

Nightcrawler was a strange movie, but I guess I liked it. It was definitely a memorable movie for me and a movie I can discuss (at least for a little bit, which is more than I can say for most movies I watch these days). Keeping it short, here’s what I liked and what I didn’t like.

Things I liked:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal, as Louis Bloom, was superb. His performance was really great. The rest of the cast was just ok, but he was really great.
  • Cinematography was really great.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Hmm…even though I do agree that a lot of news is over-sensationalized and tailored to target aspects of new stories that will tug at peoples emotions (rather than reason), the movie was a bit extreme. For me, the sub-story about the news station and the oversensationalized news was so unrealistic that I kind of ignored that part of the story. It was merely: “Here’s more news for the new station today. Let’s see how far they go tonight.”

I have a hard time formulating thoughts about that movie. I feel like my biggest takeaway was just the main character. He’s a character I didn’t like and I felt fairly uncomfortable watching him go through his day-to-day actions. The entire premise of the plot was super mundane, but it was Louis Bloom’s ambition, disregard for other humans, and just general behavior that served to shock. I walked away from that movie feeling the same way I did walking away from Taxi Driver. Both of the main characters come off as mundane, but have a bigger life plan/goal than I would have given them credit for. But it was horrifying to watch their plan’s unravel and for them to ultimately get what they wanted? Or at least to have not failed miserably.

Words, thoughts….not sure I executed this post very coherently. However, I can say that Nightcrawler is a weird movie. I would recommend watching it when you just want to watch a movie but aren’t really committed to anything in particular.