I’m a little late watching Spotlight. It had been sitting on my Netflix list for a good long while.

I don’t have much to say about this. The cast was great. Story was well written, well-directed, well-acted. All around, very solid movie. Very deserving of Best Picture. Plus, Stanley Tucci plays an Armenian (and I’m Armenian).

I’ve been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of a weak point. And I can’t. I watched close after I watched Fences, and even though I really liked Fences I can’t say that it was a good movie per se. It was a really good story, with great actors. As much as I love plays and musicals, I still have a hard time seeing them translated into film well. Whereas after watching Spotlight, I can say “that was a good movie.”

Whereas I would say go watch Fences for the feels, Spotlight is one of those movies you should get around to seeing for the sake of seeing it.