I don’t normally go to the movie theater because tickets have become super expensive, but I found myself torn between a lot of movies that are currently playing. This is a little surprising since I haven’t been particularly enthralled by a lot of the movies that have been coming out as of late. But, after much deliberation, my friends and I went to go see Fences.

Fences is a movie adaptation of the play with the same name. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis had done a stage production of the play before the film adaptation, which Washington directed. I didn’t know much about the story, except that I knew I’d be crying throughout it.

I’m at a loss for coming up with my usual pros/cons list, mainly because this experience wasn’t really a movie experience for me. You either like watching plays or you don’t, and I really enjoy plays, particularly those about the human condition. Fences is a story about the human condition through and through. The characters have their own set of flaws and failings, which drive the emotional conflict and tension in the story. Washington and Davis were amazing in the leading roles. The emotional rawness (for lack of a better expression) in their performances made me regret that I was watching it on film and not on stage.

As could be expected from a play like Fences, the ending is very bittersweet. I was crying for a good ten minutes straight. Some things end, some things get closure, and life just keeps going.

tl;dr: There’s no action, there’s really only one scene, and the movie is dialogue-driven. If none of this appeals to you, then don’t watch Fences. Otherwise, I recommend it.