In honor of Halloween, I decided to watch Spirited Away. The first and only time I watched this movie was ~15 years ago, so I wanted to watch it again with a fresh lens and with a different group of friends.

I love this movie. In an age where most of the animated movies that come out are computer generated, hand-drawn animation is a treasure. I kept forgetting that all of the details were hand-drawn, very deliberately. Some of my favorite scenes from the movie include the train travel scene and when Chihiro meets Yubaba for the first time (this clip isn’t even the full scene with all of its glory).

The soundtrack is beautiful. I listen to a lot of Joe Hisaishi’s work when I’m trying to focus, but it was great listening to the music next to the images they were intended to be with.

The themes about love, friendship, and courage aren’t novel, but the selling points of Spirited Away are the artistic elements it uses to tell the story. Every Miyazaki movie is a fantastical world; you shed all sense of reality once you start watching. You experience all of the feels. Watch it; do it.