I finished Stranger Things about 2 or 3 months ago. But, definitely still thinking about it. That’s why I decided on a whim to (finally) watch E.T.

For the first ten minutes I just kept thinking “Oh man, these graphics,” but then I realized this was good stuff back then. Putting aside my criticisms, I dived into the story. The story was truly a fairy tale. The character interactions were very eighties, as they should be. The kids are kids: biking all over the place, playing some Dungeons and Dragons (I think?), nerding over Star Wars. Little Drew Barrymore was super adorable. And E.T. Such a cute character! One of my favorite scenes was drunk E.T. being a derp all over the house.

It was honestly a lot of fun to draw parallels with Stranger Things:

  • E.T. likes Reese’s Pieces, Eleven likes waffles.
  • Both have telekinetic abilities.
  • Mike’s mom (Stranger Things) and Elliot’s mom (E.T) are pretty much clueless about the extra inhabitant in their households. Mike’s mom probably a little better at clueing in on the strange things happening.
  • Kids on bikes, biking away from the “bad people” and their crazy suits. In both there’s a scene where some guy in a suit, tied to safety line, walks into a “contaminated” zone.
  • Kids playing board games and being super invested in playing them.
  • Both E.T. and Eleven were put in blonde wigs and dresses. (Thanks to a friend who pointed out this similarity. I had totally missed it!)

TL;DR: If you aren’t totally into family movies, ‘cheesy’ graphics and story lines, then maybe this isn’t for you. But for me, it was cinematic magic. I’m a softy at heart and I was tearing up during the first flight scene. And during the second flight scene. And basically the last 15 minutes. It was a journey of love, tolerance, and finding one’s home. I’m glad I finally watched it. Definitely a good movie for the family and for sentimental saps like me.