In relatively close succession, I watched Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War (watching the former to prepare for the latter).  To be honest, superhero movies have become pretty standard and commonplace for me, so there really isn’t any wow factor anymore.

Objectively though, Winter Soldier and Civil War were pretty good. Both were a bit long for my personal taste, but both wrapped up their respective stories pretty well. The action scenes progressively improved (as compared to the first Captain America movie). Even though there were a lot of characters in Civil War, it was still pretty easy to follow. Most of the characters had been previously introduced in a different movie, or were characters most viewers were probably familiar with. It never felt like I got lost in the story line, which has happened in the past. Civil War even had a decent amount of sharp-tongued humor, which, although welcome, is somewhat uncharacteristic of Captain America movies

Overall, both movies were fun to watch and satisfying (as hero movies). I would recommend for casual movie night.