I’ve been looking forward to Finding Dory ever since the first poster/teaser came out. Since the first whiffs of it were made apparent on the internet.

Truth be told, I don’t remember enough of Finding Nemo to use it as a benchmark for Finding Dory. I remember liking Finding Nemo and I remember watching it a few times, but I wouldn’t label it my “favorite pixar” movie. The same can be said for Finding Dory.

However, I really liked it! It was fun to watch and it definitely felt a funnier than Finding Nemo. My friend and I were laughing out loud throughout a lot of the movie. (My friend really doesn’t like movies, so if Finding Dory managed to make her laugh, then it was actually pretty funny).  It’s not a ground-breaking film and going into the movie there shouldn’t be more expectation than a memorable set of characters, dialogue, and class Pixar magic. The short film (Piper) preceding the film also didn’t disappoint. Probably one of my favorite Pixar shorts.


I definitely recommend it for people who like Pixar, Finding Nemo, animated movies, and/or Ellen DeGeneres. I really enjoyed watching it. Do it for baby Dory.