I watched J. Edgar this weekend. The movie was pretty mediocre. The makeup was poorly done, especially for the elderly Clyde Tolson. The narrative was very poorly told. The jumps between past and present wasn’t as nicely woven together as I think it was meant to be. Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job as per usual. Ultimately though, I was more enthralled by J. Edgar himself than the movie.

I didn’t know much about the man except that he was the head of the F.B.I (didn’t even know that he formed the F.B.I). So in that sense, I liked the movie because I learned something I never knew anything about before (including Charles Lindbergh and the “crime of the century”). However, the movie itself was probably one of the more forgettable films that I have seen. If you like Leo, watch it. Otherwise save yourself some time and just read the Wikipedia page on J. Edgar Hoover.