I haven’t been keeping up with my reviews over the past couple of months, but I figured it is time to catch up. Here’s a quick review for the movies I’ve seen over the past few months:

The Revenant

Unlike the majority of the people I know and don’t know, I hadn’t been super impressed with Inarritu’s Birdman. So I wasn’t really expecting much from The Revenant. I went to go see it in the theaters, just as its time in the theaters was coming to a close. It was definitely worth watching it on a big screen, with surround sound. I think I enjoyed the movie more than I would have otherwise, watching it at home. The cinematography was beautiful (as is normally the case with Inarritu’s films). Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting was really good, but I didn’t feel like he surpassed his usual standard of acting. He was just really good as per usual. I really enjoyed the sounds of the film too, not necessarily just the score, but the interplay between sound and silence. The combination of the sounds with the cinematography created a truly awe-inspiring experience, especially at the movie theater. But, I didn’t find the movie any more compelling than other survivor movies.

Ultimately The Revenant was a really good viewing experience, but, as a movie, I thought it was just ok.


I really enjoyed this movie. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Up or Inside Out, but definitely one of the better Disney movies that have come out in recent years. The animation was really well done; the detail in the fur of the animals was really great. The movie dealt with the issue of prejudice in a very accessible way; it took an abstract concept and framed it in a family-friendly way. The story was good, the writing, with its fair dosage of humor and serious content, was excellent, and themes were expertly explored.

If a fan of animated movies, I definitely recommend Zootopia; it was a lot of fun to watch.

V for Vendetta

This movie was recommended to me by a lot of people, but I never really had interest in watching because I was worried I would’t be able to take a masked main character seriously and I am not a fan of Natalie Portman. One night I decided  and watch it. I was hooked within ten minutes.

Being a fan of Orwellian/dystopian story lines, I really liked the plot. Sometimes it did feel like it was a little too dense and confusing (or maybe even excessive?), but I still really liked the story and the writing. Something was always going on, as a viewer I was kept on edge. The ending of the movie was also very satisfying, the first movie I’ve seen in a while that I can say that about. The acting in the movie was pretty good; even Natalie Portman was tolerable.

Definitely would recommend it to anyone who likes action, dystopian stories, and a mysterious protagonist in a Guy Fawkes mask.

Mockingjay Part 2

Movie sucked. Marginally better than Part 1, since there was something that actually happened in this movie. Effects were decent, but overall everything was pretty bland. Acting was bland, story was bland. It isn’t worth your time to watch this, unless you making a drinking game out of it (take a shot every time Katniss shouts “Peeta”).


I read this book a few years ago and wanted to watch the movie. I actually think the movie was a pretty good adaptation of the book, which is rare. I love the musical score, especially Briony’s theme. The cinematography was really well done too. I thought it worked well with the musical score and made it really compelling for the viewer to watch. Keira Knightley and James McAvoy were also really well casted and both had a really good performance.

Overall a good movie, would recommend.