I’ve been busy throughout the semester, so this is my somewhat lazy way of catching up on all the movies since June that I didn’t get a chance to review/share my thoughts on. Here’s a bulleted version:

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Surprisingly, I really liked this movie. The movie was a little too violent at times, but it was always very cartoonish. Despite the violence, some scenes were enjoyable to watch purely because of the visual effects (i.e. church scene, warning: a little graphic).  The movie plot was a little ridiculous sometimes, but, with the suspension of disbelief, overall a lot of fun to watch. Plus, Colin Firth was great (Samuel Jackson’s character’s speech impediment…not so much). I recommend.

Rear Window

This is my third Hitchcock film (Vertigo and North by Northwest being the other too….should watch Psycho at some point). A very old school suspense movie, where the suspense isn’t in figuring out who committed the crime but in figuring out whether or not a crime had even been committed. Scratch that, there isn’t even very much to figure out, but the slow-moving plot line creates a supremely suspenseful movie, as each layer unravels in a coherent, linear fashion. “And the plot thickens” is really the best way to explain it. I loved the witty dialogue and the cinematography. I really enjoyed the movie and I definitely recommend it. (Plus James Stewart.)


I, unfortunately, was a little disappointed with this movie. I tried really hard not to be, but in effect I was (although Michael Keaton and Edward Norton did a superb job). I think the movie was overhyped for me and I went in with grand expectations that weren’t quite met. I really enjoyed the cinematography and the score. Both complemented the movie and the general color scheme/mood of the movie very well. The way the movie closely followed the main character’s exponential descent into madness, especially using a pseudo continuous take, was very impressive. However, after the movie ended, I couldn’t help having a weird aftertaste  that could only remind me of my (negative) feelings after Black Swan, when I first saw it. Perhaps I’m biased because I went into it with high expectations. In any case, I would suggest watching this, if anything, to form your own opinion about a movie that critics have praised immensely.

Inside out

The short before the movie was great. The movie was great. It was super adorable, but also meaningful. Everyone I know who watched this movie, including myself, resonated with the movie; we each connected with one of the feelings. I had a friend who connected with Anger. I resonated with Sadness. Another friend completely related with Joy. The movie’s message about finding a balance between emotions, especially joy and sadness, was so true, albeit cliche. The main character’s experience and struggle felt very familiar, and that’s probably why the movie was so good. It was a lot of fun and probably my favorite from this year. I definitely recommend it. Go watch it now~

Reservoir Dogs

This is my sixth Tarantino  movie and it didn’t disappoint. The dialogue was witty, as per usual. The cinematography on point. Excessive violence, as to be expected. But, still a really good movie. I watched it with a friend, and when the movie first ended we were both a little confused by the ending, as it felt a little anticlimactic. But, as more time passed, the ending just became better; we both just looked at each other fifteen minutes later, “that was a good movie.” It got me pretty excited for Hateful Eight, which I hope to see soon. Definitely recommend.

Mad Max

All I can really say. I didn’t dislike it as much as I thought I would, but too long, too many explosions, and tried really hard to get the main theme across. I felt like the first hour and half was longer than necessary to create the feeling of hopelessness that the eventual hope (followed by success) would counteract. Charlize Theron was pretty great though and the themes were commendable. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t watch this again; I would probably recommend saving yourself the two hours unless you’re ready for all action and zero dialogue.

Orange is the New Black (Seasons 1-3)

I binge watched Orange is the New Black this past summer, primarily motivated by the explosive release of Season 3 and the excitement surrounding Ruby Rose. TLDR: I really like the show. Season 3 was a little disappointing after an epic Season 2 (who doesn’t love an utterly disagreeable woman like Vee). Season 2 was definitely my favorite, but there were some redeeming qualities of Season 3, such as Big Boo’s and Pennsatucky’s budding friendship.