Next up in the pipeline: Still Alice and The Imitation Game.

Trailers like Still Alice’s trailer are a sort of Achilles’ heel for me. Potential heart-wrenching drama? I’m game. And to top it off, Julianne Moore is one of my favorite actresses. In a nutshell: I was really excited to see Still Alice.

And it actually didn’t disappoint me. Supporting cast was okay. Kristen Stewart was better than expected (not saying she was stellar, but definitely better than expected). Julianne Moore was fantastic and I definitely think any accolades she received for the role were well deserving. I also generally liked the cinematography. The story was told in an interesting way (interleaving present with the past). I liked how clips of the past were filmed as if they were memories (that sepia filter with that old film feeling).

It isn’t on my list of favorite movies, but I definitely think it’s worth watching because of Julianne Moore’s performance and because the movie did a pretty good job of contextualizing how shitty Alzheimer’s disease is.

As for the Imitation Game…that movie was definitely overhyped. It was just an average movie, in all regards. The soundtrack was decent, but it wasn’t anything particularly riveting. Benedict Cumberbatch did a decent job in his role, but I didn’t think it was in any way his best performance. The supporting cast very much felt like background chatter to me (although I should give Keira Knightley a little more credit than that). I think what made this movie particularly disappointing for me is that it had the potential to either wow with Turing’s genius or to at least inform people about Turing’s life in a not so sensationalized manner, but it did neither of those things. It just felt really standard.