I kind of splurged and watched Heartburn and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape on Friday night.


I was still on a bit of a Meryl Streep high after Into the Woods, so I decided to watch a movie from her filmography I hadn’t seen yet, hence I randomly chose Heartburn.  Unfortunately the writing of the movie was pretty meh.  There was no driving force to the story line; it just felt like a declarative statement and not really a story with exposition, development, and conclusion.  The cinematography was meh.  I was indifferent towards all of the characters really.  That isn’t to say the acting was poorly done; I thought Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep did all they could with what they were given.  My favorite part of the movie was probably the 15-20 minute segment starting from when Rachel Samstat’s (Streep) dad comes home to when Rachel returns from the police station.  I think that was the only time I laughed throughout the entire movie.  The mugging scene featuring Kevin Spacey was probably the most comedic part of the entire movie. Overall, the movie was meh.  Don’t really recommend.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Now this movie, I enjoyed.  As a heads up, it was a tear-jerker for me; I don’t think I’ve gotten emotional over a movie in a pretty long time, so it was a refreshing change from movies I’ve been watching as of late.  Overall, the acting was okay, except Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance was really good.  Sometimes it felt so well done it was a little uncomfortable to watch.  Even though I sympathized with Gilbert Grape and how much his situation sucked, I felt like Johnny Depp’s performance kind of deterred me from fully sympathizing with the character.  His performance wasn’t wholly convincing, but at the end, the writing and the story was enough to reel me in.  I’d say the most moving part was the last half hour of the movie; this last bit probably made the entire movie for me.

There were a lot of themes in the film, about family, love, sacrifice, commitment/loyalty; I think there’s a lot to be said about the movie, but I think these feelings are probably best experienced by just watching the movie.  So, uh, if you’re looking for a mellow movie to watch, I recommend What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.