Joint post for Mockingjay Part 1 and Big Hero 6.

I’d seen the Hunger Games, but I hadn’t see the sequel, Catching Fire, so I kind of went into Mockingjay a little blind.  I’d read Catching Fire a couple years back, but, needless to say, I spent the first ten, fifteen minutes pretty lost.  But, that didn’t keep me from basically noticing that this movie was subpar.

Everybody has already said this, maybe in different ways, but the movie was practically 2 hours of the same thing: Katniss missing/crying over Peeta while defending his honor, Katniss being filmed in some propaganda features, and President Snow featuring Peeta in propaganda interviews as a counterattack.  Very minimal action, with the most exciting bit being the last twenty minutes of the movie when Peeta and others are “rescued” from the capital.  The movie also succeeded in being funny…when I don’t think they wanted it to be funny (the audience burst into laughter when Peeta started strangling Katniss).  The only thing I really enjoyed was Haymitch’s and Effie’s characters and their exchange (even though Effie wasn’t supposed to actually exist in the Mockingjay storyline).  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s acting was really good (I hadn’t known he was in this movie and it was a sad reminder of his death); the rest of the performances were decent, but nothing particularly memorable.  In any case, movie overall was reaaaaaally meh.  Not worth paying to see in theaters; obviously it was just a ploy to get more money from viewers because you’d have to watch part 1 to see the more interesting part 2.

Big Hero 6, on the other hand, I really enjoyed and highly recommend to those who like animated movies.  It wasn’t as good as other Pixar movies (i.e. Up), but it was still massively adorable, really funny, and really well animated.  The storyline wasn’t particularly original (and a little obvious), but it was still really cute movie that delivered in what one would expect from an animated family movie.  The animated short preceding the movie was also really cute (not as good as Paperman, which preceded Wreck-it Ralph, another movie I recommend to animated-movie lovers).  There’s really not much to say about the movie, but that I recommend it.  Do it for Bay Max.