Decided to do a combined post for the new Transformers movie and Don Jon because there wasn’t must to say about either one.

I went to go see Transformers because my younger cousin wanted to watch it.  I hadn’t seen the previous Transformers movie so I totally lacked context. But even with that, there really isn’t much to say.  It was too long and not story driven at all.  If you like action, it’s a good way to pass time (a lot of time…almost three hours).   I did actually like the effects associated with the KSI-created transformers when they would transform and the attire for some of the transformers, particularly Drift and Crosshairs (they were really detailed and very realistic, such as Crosshairs’ cloak).  Everything else was just the usual Transformers feel and got pretty old an hour and half into the movie.  The attempts at humor were so exaggerated and ridiculous that I laughed because they were so bad.  Meh, if you like action movies and Michael Bay movies, could be worthwhile to watch.  Otherwise not really worth the money…or time.

I also finally got around to watching Don Jon, which was effectively the frivolous past time I expected it to be, but I actually enjoyed it.  (It’s sometimes nice to get what you expect from a movie.)  The cast was pretty good  My chief complaint was the repetitiveness of the movie, but I think part of it was necessary to convey the repetitiveness of Jon’s (Gordon-Levitt) life until the very end when it changes as a result of Esther’s role (Moore).  I think what I appreciated about the movie was that it wasn’t anything special, no big ground breaking message or experience, but at the same time very down-to-earth and simple; I could appreciate it without being really into it.  And, by the end of it, I did feel satisfied.  So, my recommendation of this comes with a grain of salt: if you’re looking for a deep movie, this ain’t it, but if you’re looking for an idle way to pass a Friday, I suggest Don Jon.