I finally got around to watching Grand Budapest Hotel and I really enjoyed it.  It’s a very typical Wes Anderson film, a little darker than the few I’ve seen (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, Darjeeling Limited), but it had a healthy balance between the darkness and comedy.

A lot of the scenes looked like scenes out of a comic book or a graphic novel, especially the scenes that use a lot of miniature props. Some scenes even had a feel of stop motion.  The color scheme was also very Wes Anderson, an interesting contrast of bright hues and more dull tones.  The dialogue was very straightforward; the typical to-the-point and frank manner of speaking common to Anderson films.  A lot of the dialogue and scenes were brimming with dramatic irony that just added to the hilarity.

I think the thing that was interesting to me was that it felt a little heavier than other Anderson movies I have seen.  (Granted there was quite a bit of death in this one, but I mean beyond the deaths.)  As much as the movie felt surreal and more cartoonish than real, the human sentiments were very raw and very real.  (I guess the direct and frank dialogue enhanced that rawness.)  The ending, despite its soberness, was very fulfilling.  Very hopeful, but also very realistic, a sentiment that can be difficult to capture in film.

Grand Budapest probably won’t go on my list of all-time favorite movies, but it definitely was an immense pleasure to watch and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a movie to watch.