BBC Sherlock fans waited for so long for Season 3 to come and, frankly speaking, it didn’t really do it for me.  The entire season was catered for the fandom.  I’m not saying it wasn’t fun to watch; I had a lot of laugh out loud moments and will watch the next season when it comes out.  But, it still failed for me.  Every plot twist, every joke, every Sherlock-on-screen moment shouted “let us please you our fans.”  There were things that honestly didn’t feel true to the spirit of Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock having a girlfriend (even for the sake of solving a case) and Sherlock’s inherent pride in his public image (sometimes it felt like a mild obsession with his fame).   The ending to the season also felt…wrong.  Before he could even go to exile, he was called back to deal with a Moriarty scare.

In any case, I do have hope still for season 4. The cast was, as always, amazing.  I did like the personal feelings and obstacles the show explored in the main characters, particularly in regards to loved ones (friends, family) for Sherlock and to some extent Mycroft.  Things also seemed to return to the original feel of Sherlock in episode 3, sort of.  And, I think there’s a potential for a despicably good villain to surface again in the series.  In any case, I’m glad Season 3 finally came out and I’m excited to see what comes next.