I finally watched Frozen.  I had mixed expectations of Frozen; some people had really liked it, whereas others were a bit ambivalent.  I was really excited to watch it, but I didn’t really know what to expect.

In a nutshell, I loved it.  I thought the animation was really beautiful, the music was really good (I kept listening to the soundtrack after watching it), and it was really funny (and I love humor in films).  The weakest point of the movie was that its plot was really weak.  The movie didn’t really have that much of a driving force (except the eternal winter, but I mean its hard to sympathize with a group of people you’ve just been introduced to).  The only character I felt like I could sympathize with at all was Anna, and even then my sympathy for her was not that big of a driving factor.  I think the writers had the opportunity for a great character in Elsa, but they didn’t exploit it at all; she was incredibly flat and uninteresting, despite her potential to be a major driver of the movie.  I wanted to sympathize with her but I couldn’t.  The other element that was a bit difficult for me to digest at times was the choice of voice actors. Kristen Bell was a great Anna (and her singing voice was also really good), but I didn’t always feel like Idina Menzel was a proper cast.  Not that I didn’t think she did a good job, she was great, but sometimes it felt like her voice was too powerful for an animated character.  Not to jump the bandwagon, but Let It Go was superb.

If you haven’t seen Frozen yet, I recommend you go watch it, so that you can be a happy snowman!