I watched Fargo, making it the fourth Coen brothers movie I have seen.

Fargo follows Jerry (William H. Macy), a struggling car salesman, who hires two criminals to kidnap his wife and police chief Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand) who investigates homicides near Brainerd, Minnesota.

Watching a Coen Brothers movie is always a very strange experience.  For me, it always seems deceptively slow; it feels like the plot and characters are not progressing, or if they are, it is at a very slow pace.  And while watching it, I can never tell if I actually like the movie, but at the end of it, it usually turns out to be a good viewing experience.

I really enjoyed the dialogue in the movie.  It had some really great moments of dry humor.  The scenes didn’t always smoothly go from one to the other; sometimes it felt like the movie was a conglomeration of random events that finally led to a clean wrap-up, with almost no loose ends.  (Who ended up getting that money? What happened to Scotty?)  It was an hour and half of the suspension of disbelief, at the end of which good ol’ Marge had another case solved. (Gunderson is such an awesome pregnant cop; I was worried she would get shot because of her inability to move quickly, but she pulled through.) There was no big message or anything like that from the movie.  Just a good viewing experience of a simple train ride that just progressively becomes a huge wreck.