Last Thursday I watched Clueless and Say Anything… with my friends.  There’s not really much to say about either of these movies.  I watched Clueless because it was Clueless, and it’s one of those movies that people generally have seen.  It had its cute and funny movies and it was based on Jane Austen’s Emma, but overall it was a meh one time movie for me.

Say Anything… though, I recommend to anyone who likes romantic movies.  It was the quintessential teen romance movie, but had a little bit more flavor than others.  It was cute, heart-warming, and very honest.  Lloyd (John Cusack) despite being a strange kid, is a really good guy, and his simple and honest devotion to Diane (Ione Skye) was just really sweet to watch.  I really enjoyed it, even though it was a one time watch for me.  Looking for a good rom-com, check out Say Anything….