I finally watched Karate Kid.  Not the new one starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, but the original, with good ol’ Mr. Miyagi.

There’s really not much to say about this movie.  Most people are familiar with the plot: Ralph Macchio moves to a new neighborhood, gets bullied by other kids who know karate, Mr. Miyagi makes Macchio wax his cars teaches Macchio karate, and Macchio teaches those bullies a lesson by beating them in the local karate competition with a boss kick to the rich kid’s chin.  It really isn’t Ralph Macchio that makes the movie.  Macchio was different from Jaden Smith, but they brought their own respective flavors to their roles.  What makes the movie, in my opinion, is Mr. Miyagi.  His background story and his method of instruction (manual labor to the max) make him a memorable character.  He’s just this quaint old man, with more cars than he needs and a quirky sense of humor.  Not that Jackie Chan was unbearable to watch; the martial arts was more realistic and the method of instruction…more pragmatic, and the jokes funnier, but his character just didn’t stick as well.  Mr. Miyagi, both name and character, are a bit iconic in cinema history.

Long story short, it was a fun movie to watch.  If you’re looking for a light movie to just enjoy on a Friday night, Karate Kid might be the thing for you.